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Sahasika (Brass)



Mandau is the traditional icon from the Dayak people of borneo, Mandau is associated with the mystical headhunting ceremony, where people would gather to attack other tribes, and gather heads to be used in various festivities, Mandau is both a work of art itself and a formidable weapon, Mandau characteristics is that the blade is shaped convexly on one side and somewhat concavely on the other side. With exquisite vineworks and inlaid brass, the heavy details of carving vary from tribe to tribe, but mostly depict creatures or anthropomorphic deities.

- Solid Brass
- Height 36 mm
- Width 24 mm
- Weight 40 - 45 gram of brass depending on ring size
- Made with pride in Indonesia

Please take note that sizes mark with (Custom Size) will take up to 3 week for the ring to be made.

As all our jewellery is handcrafted, please allow up to 7 to 14 days (approx) for production of youritem(s).